Halcyon Days- Album Review


To kick off this blog I am going to start with a review of one of my favourite albums at the moment, Halcyon Days by British pop-star Ellie Goulding. Halcyon Days is essentially the extended edition of the 2010 LP Halcyon, including extra songs and bonuses as well as a funky new album cover. This will only be a short review just to kick off the blog, eventually my reviews will be a lot more in depth.

Goulding explores electro pop and the folk genre of music in this record, evident in songs such as My Blood, and Anything Could Happen. The album itself is amazing, it features some good dance tracks like Goodness Gracious, Don’t Say A Word,  Figure 8 and Lights. There are some really good softer tracks as well, these include Explosions, Joy and Dead In The Water. I throughly enjoyed most of the songs on this record and Goulding has presented herself as a unique talent with a unique style of music. The electronic mash up of her vocals in some songs add an alternative feel to the atmosphere of the album itself.

The additional bonus tracks are mostly mainstream pop hits you’d hear on the radio. Burn was honestly my least favourite track on Halcyon Days, it was repetitive and very mainstream radio type of song. Comparing this song to the rest of the album,  Burn sounds like there was no effort at all put into the song at all. However, Goodness Gracious was really good, had a light catchy chorus and was also a personal favourite.

Overall, Halcyon Days is an amazing LP from Ellie Goulding. I highly recommend this to any electro pop and alternative music lovers! Leave a comment or like if you enjoyed this post; feedback is highly appreciated, positive or negative. Stay tuned for next weeks post going up on TUESDAY which I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite TV shows at the moment!

Cheers ✌

Favourites from the album: Explosions, Anything Could Happen, Joy and Goodness Gracious and My Blood.

Least Favourite: Burn, Stay Awake

Buy Halcyon Days Here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/halcyon-days/id879475938

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